With each new update, Instagram continues to modify its platform, offering new features and tools that marketers need to stay updated with. The following are some of the important updates Instagram introduced recently:

📣 Instagram Carousels

✅ Instagram has introduced the ability to add music to carousel posts. This opens up more creative options beyond just photos and videos, allowing marketers to create a more engaging and interactive experience for their audience.

📣 Instagram Notes

✅ Another exciting update is the inclusion of audio clips and music to Notes. Though still in testing, this feature could lead to more engaging and dynamic content, further enriching the user experience.

📣 Instagram Close Friends Feed Posts

✅ Seeking more ways for users to selectively filter their audiences, Instagram is testing the ability to share posts to just close friends. This feature will allow marketers to target their content more effectively, ensuring it reaches the most appropriate audience.

📣 10-Minute Instagram Reels

✅ Instagram reels are about to get a lot longer. Instagram confirmed internal tests are underway to extend Reels videos to 10 full minutes. This will allow marketers to share more detailed content and engage with their audience for a longer time.

📣 Unconfirmed Instagram Feature Tests

✅ Instagram is testing collaborative posting, where followers can contribute photos and videos to your feed posts. As a marketer, you’d need to approve new additions before they go live. This feature can help create a more collaborative and engaging environment on your feed.

📣 Sharable Comments for Instagram Stories and Reels

✅ Instagram is exploring letting users highlight and share post comments within their stories and reels. This feature can be a great way for marketers to engage with their audience by sharing their responses and creating a dialogue around their posts.

📣 Instagram Chat Status

✅ Some Instagram users may soon have more privacy around their activity status in direct messaging. Instagram is testing the ability to disable the ‘Seen’ indicator that shows when you’ve read a message. This feature can help maintain the privacy of the users while also allowing marketers to manage their interactions better.

📣Instagram Meta Verified Feed

✅ Code referring to an “Instagram Meta Verified Feed Filter” was recently uncovered, sparking speculation of an exclusive feed for verified accounts. However, Instagram quickly denied such a feature was in the works. Still, it’s always good for marketers to stay informed about potential updates.

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