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Discovering how the powerful methodology of Six Sigma can be used to Digital marketing.

Six Sigma is a process improvement methodology that aims to reduce defects and improve efficiency by identifying and eliminating root causes of problems. It has traditionally been applied in manufacturing and production processes, but it can also be used in digital marketing. Here’s how Six Sigma can be utilized in the context of digital marketing:…

Resources You can use to learn PPC Google Ads

There are many resources available to learn Google Ads. Here are some courses that can help you get started: 1)Google Ads Certification – Google offers a certification program that includes online courses covering various aspects of Google Ads, including search, display, video, and shopping ads. The certification program is free and includes both fundamental and…

5 Critical Skills of a Performance Marketer

Here are five critical skills if you want to be a successful performance marketing manager. 1. Analytical Skills 2. Strategic Skills 3. Decision-Making Skills 4. Technical Skills 5. Collaborative Skills If you are interesting in reading more about this, Here is the source: