How can we defend ourselves from phishing email scams?

To safeguard your personal data and stop illegal access to your accounts, you must take measures against phishing email assaults. The following actions can be taken to protect yourself: Be cautious: Examine all of the emails you receive carefully for any indications of phishing. Keep an eye out for grammatical problems, generic salutations, questionable email…

Know Before They Come | PPC Struggles

As a beginner running a PPC campaign for the first time can be overwhelmed. And It’s okay to learn from the mistakes. But from here I want to share some tips that can you use to forecast your PPC struggles before they come to you. They are lot of advertising policies when come to the…

Do these things before run a PPC Campaign

With these basic tactics you can be improve your ads performances.

Google Search on desktop is finally getting a dark theme!

Hey Guys! Dark theme is now available for Desktop users as well, Did you noticed anyone? this is very simple, just check this: Once you activated, you can see like this:   Get more details, click here    

Competitors’ PPC campaign results Impacting in Organic Traffic CTR?

I analyzed a competitive keyword which is having around 1000 monthly search volume. For that keyword, my site is on the first-page first position and getting around 900 Impressions per month. But Zero clicks!. I’m wondering that I’m not getting clicks due to the sponsored results of the competitors on the top of organic results….