Do these things before run a PPC Campaign

Google ads strategies

  1. Define your PPC campaign goal : This is not about what we going to put on our google ads platform set up level. This is about the straight goal we want to do. As an example if you want to beat your competitor on SERP you will have to plan a campaign with define it as a goal. Then you can plan rest of things like objectives on the campaign, ad groups, keywords and the copy with keeping your ideal goal on your mind.
  2. Go with proper number of ad groups: Five ad groups are actually work? Yeah they are working and you can see number of results. But make sure that, the ad groups you have put on the campaign are fulfilling your ideal goal from the campaign. As an example if you are targeting a certain services on specific season but you have added and few more ad groups without have a proper plan to making visitors for a lead, you might be wasting on your ad spends.
  3. Research on your keywords: Using only keywords on your website or using the same list that you have done for SEO campaign will not help you as you wish some times. So go with a proper research. Check their CPC and search volume and use google trends for developing strategy. And it’s okay to start with a broad match type keywords. But make sure that you gonna optimize them on the campaign.
  4. Go for competitor advertising research: This is a very useful method to identify that how your competitors are advertising to compete you. It will help you to do something better than them. You can use their keywords as search terms to find how they are visible with ads on SERP.
  5. Check your ads copy preview: You should have a proper idea about how should your ads are appearing on SERP. Otherwise you will do it blindly. Check how titles are working together, how sitelinks are appearing, check how extensions are popping out. Going through a user perspective view will help you to run a better campaign with good CTR.
  6. Make sure landing page is okay: Where they gonna land is very important. If you have described about island, But if they have landed to a mountain imagine how they feel? So don’t do that!

With these basic tactics you can be improve your ads performances.

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