Ways to Measure Success of Your Marketing Campaign

The main purpose of a marketing campaign is to promote your business products to a specific audience, using things like landing pages, emails, lead generation forms and social media content that aids to escalate the conversions, customer retention and brand awareness.

It is important to know which metrics and methods should be used to deciding your campaign performance. which helps to make a data-driven decision.

Let’s have a look at how to create a successful marketing campaign

Optimize your Lead Gen:-

  • Create targeted incentives: to build a pipeline of leads that will improve future business growth and income, provide materials like newsletters, ebooks, templates and whitepapers inorder to exchange for new user data

  • Leverage social media: social media is used to engage with your target audience, answering audience questions, buildig new relationships, providing useful support and keeping your brand higher.

Optimize your Marketing Campaign’s CTR:-

  • Observe user behavior: identifying how users get engaged with your website by watching the recording of user session and finding new options for developement

  • Ask for user input: collecting user’s feedback while they’re on your website by using surveys, engaging with the contents or features of the page.

  • Test creative assets: to identify what campaign innovative asset differences – like graphics and copy-affect best with your perfect customers’ profile using concept testing or A/B tests.

Improve Sales:-

  • Dive into funnels: to analyze and track the certain user goal or segments, improving your awareness of the customer journey by using customizable funnels

  • Evaluate user actions: to detect the touchpoints on your page that discourage your users to prevent from purchasing by using the behavior analytics tool like heatmaps

  • Understand why users don’t convert: Create exit-intent survey on your website asking why they’re exiting from your page or disclaiming your cart.

Optimize Your ROI:-

  • Target high-value customer segments: finding the most successful customer segments to further improve your marketing campaigns to their requirement and choice.

  • Evaluate quantitative data: to spot user behavior pattern over time, like identifying high-performing UTM campaigns for a particular landing page URL you can use a tool like Hotjar trends

Keep your customer in frontline of your decision-making process to makesure that you fullfill their needs and provide positive experience. This in return brings loyalty, conversions and engagements and allows your business to grow.

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