Things to Know if you are interesting about Paid Ads.

Now a days it’s easy to running paid ads with their platform support. Because they don’t want to burnt their customers money without showing results. But if you are knowing and caring about things that I have mentioned below, It will help you to take a good results.

  1. Get a clear idea about the platform.

You need a clear idea about the platform. It means that you should know why people are using this platform. which type of content are running here. Because now a days people are avoiding irrelevant ads. Therefore We will have to advertise on there like we don’t advertise.

2. Know Your Product or Service.

You should know every details about your product to identify that who is going to buy this product. It will help you to create some audience persona and buyer journeys.

3. Buyer Journey and Audience Persona

When you get clear with your product you should identify a particular personal or group of people. What kind of behavior and interest their have. Then You can set up campaign with using platform advantages with Ad setup features ( detailed targeting ).

4. Know Your Objectives Well

It’s really important to know about your campaign objective and how platform perform according to your campaign objective. As an Example if you are running a campaign with goal with creating awareness. You might have an idea about that selecting objective as awareness will help you. But I would like to ask a simple question from you, Do you remember that you saw 2 days ago? if yeah it’s wow. It will really have a much impact from the creativity. But If I asked ” What’s the last ad you have engaged with to get even a details about a product, You might be remember. clear? nope right. When we are selecting awareness platform is only trying to show many people whether they engaged or not. Yes of-cause results will be high by number wise but I’m not sure that It has fulfilled the main goal. So know how platform works with these objectives.

Next Article will be about manage budgeting , remarketing if interesting.


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