Snap introduces advanced AI for next-level augmented reality

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Snap introduces advanced AI for next-level augmented reality

Hey everyone! Check out this hot new update from Snapchat! – AI meets AR

Snapchat is leveling its game with AI-powered filters that will blow your mind! Remember those fun filters that turn you into a dog or give you giant eyes? Get ready for next-level realism!

Imagine recording a video with a digital hat that moves perfectly with your head and even adjusts to the lighting! AI is making the difference between real and fake almost impossible to tell!

This is a major move for Snapchat as it competes with other social media giants. They’re also making it super easy to create your own AR filters with a new program called Lens Studio. Anyone can become a filter whiz! This program is supposed to slash the time it takes to make these filters from weeks to just a few hours!

In short, Snapchat is about to get a whole lot more creative and fun with the help of AI! This could be a game-changer for the app! What kind of crazy filters do you think people will come up with? Let’s chat in the comments!

Sahana Asked question June 22, 2024