How to improve the LinkedIn page with SEO

To get found by recruiters, anyone can implement a keyword strategy for the LinkedIn page. Keywords relating to expertise, unique skillsets, and desired roles can be used to get the desired outcome. By highlighting the keywords that you want to distinguish from others and including services and most outstanding attributes, anyone can build a personal brand through LinkedIn.

Let’s look at how you can find the right keywords to optimize the LinkedIn Page

Keyword tool

SEMrush’s keyword magic tool plays the most crucial part in this. For example, if you are a customer success manager, type it in the search bar of the keyword magic tool. There, you will receive some keywords relating to LinkedIn and some are not.

Use ‘broad match’ and ‘phrase match keywords and ‘related’. Jot down keywords that describe your expertise and experience.

Optimizing the LinkedIn headline

A compelling headline can be created using,

-Clear simple language

-Engagement by curiosity using quantifiable outcomes

Eg: Software Engineer| Machine Learning | Construction of AI That Increased User Retention by 120%

Optimizing ‘About ‘summary

For this, you have to identify your top skills such as content creation, video production and etc. Also, identify achievement as numbers. Withal, share personal setbacks and victories with positivity using the numbered list. End it with a call to action such as scheduling a demo, or message me. Enter some videos, links, and documents to show your work.

Optimizing work experience and Skill section

Use skill-focused keywords for skills relating to your current position under the work experience section as well as the skill section for recruiters to find you from specifically required skills.

Lastly, ask testimonials from existing or former colleagues or from happy clients. Ask them to use relevant keywords relating to skills when they recommend you.

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