Become a Stronger Person: 10 Skills for Personal Development and Growth

Most of us believe that personality is permanent, but there are endless possibilities to improve your personality in ways that can have a lot of positive effect on your personal life and career. Personality is a pattern of your thinking, feelings and behaviors that make you unique. When we address someone as a “good personality” we mean that they are interesting, likeable, pleasant and a good company to be with.

Every one of us wants to be an attractive personality, as our personality has a huge influence on our happiness and success. The good news is that with some outstanding efforts we can polish the life skills that will help us to improve our personality.

Here are the ten significant life skills to improve your personality.

1. Cultivate the Best Listener in Yourself

If someone listens to you attentively, how do you feel? Sure, it makes you feel important and valued. It feels more appealing when you have somebody who listens to you keenly, it will make you feel like you’re the only person in the world. So, when you listen to other people, you give them the same feelings and importance. They also give more consideration and focus to you and engage with you more. It lets people to be more honest with you and they feel comfortable and safe to disclose any information with you. When you turn into a better listener, you can learn a lot from other individuals and your environs. Being an exceptional listener is a good skill. So, cultivate this good skill and instill in your personality.

2. Read and Broaden Your Interests

The more you read and nurture new interests, the more you become interesting to others. When you meet new people, it gives you a good opportunity to share what you’ve learned and to exchange your views and knowledge with them. When you have new things to share and talk about, you will make yourself more attractive to others and it will instill more confidence in you. Also, it’s always good for your psychological and mental health to cultivate new interests as it’ll keep your mind fresh and make you think outside the box. Whether it’s literary or physical, expanding your interests always enhance your personality.

3. Improve Your Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills are the fundamental life skills that we use in our everyday communication and interactions with other people, both individually and in groups. Interpersonal skills are the core foundation for a successful life. Confidence, empathy and communication skills like listening and effective speaking are some of the key interpersonal skills that we mostly use in our every interaction. Interpersonal skills also consist of the ability to control and manage your feelings and emotions. Strong interpersonal skills will help you to earn friends and at the same time show to people that you’re capable of bringing out the best in other people. And that’s a key aspect to succeed in life. When you develop interpersonal skills, you can able to work well with people formally or informally, individually or in groups. And you can effectively communicate with others whether it’s with your family, friends, colleagues, clients or customers. Also, help you to develop better relationships at your home and work. You can cultivate good interpersonal skills by developing awareness about how you interact with other people and practising to improve your skills. These interpersonal skills not only enhance your personality but also help you to nurture meaningful connections with people.

4. Become a Good Conversationalist

How good you’re in conversations depend on how much you read and know. When you get to know your most likable interests and have well-versed knowledge and skills in them, you’ll have more confidence to talk and share about them. Simply, when you have more knowledge without much efforts, you can contribute more to a conversation. If you really want people to listen what you’re saying then you need to grow into an impressive and inspiring talker. And it’s not possible for an individual to read and know everything, we don’t have that much time with us, so, if you’re pretty good in conversations then you’ll get the chance to share your knowledge and learn from other people as well. So, sharpen yourself and become a good conversationalist.

5. Emerge Yourself as a Leader

Investing in your own self is the best investment you can ever do. When you seek to develop and sharpen your leadership skills, it will not only improve your life but, also, improve the lives of all those around you. Whatever little you know or learn, use it well. Become more authoritative on the topics you tackle, then you will have the knowledge to pass it on to other people and if you convey your messages across in the right way, you will attract more followers. Express the leader in yourself and always do, what you say.

6. Take Efforts and Be Consistent

Every day’s smallest efforts are always better than huge bursts of activities once a month. Improving yourself every day with relevant and sustained effort will have a huge impact on your personality growth. And taking effort is not enough, you should be consistent in your efforts. For example, you started to follow a personal development course but you fail to follow it regularly and stopped it in the midway in which your effort to develop yourself become waste because you fail to keep your consistency. So always put efforts and be consistent with it so that you can achieve your desired results.

7. Better Your Presentation Skills

When you learn presentation skills, you also become better in your public speaking skills. You will gain more confidence in your ability to speak to other people and explain your point to a large number of audiences. When you have effective presentation skills, you can easily get your message across to others. Being confident in your interactions and your public speaking can have a great impact on your personality. When you know that you can confidently address a huge number of audiences, it will boost your self-confident, self-value and self-esteem which can enhance your overall personality.

8. Be Supportive and Respectful of Others

Being supportive and helpful of others is the most endearing characteristic you can instill into your personality. Just as the way you welcome support and help from others, be the true supportive person for others when they need it. We all love someone who is encouraging, motivating, inspiring, believes in our abilities and cheers us up when we’re down. So, be that cheerleader for others when they barely need it. And treat each and every person in your life with respect. Practice gratitude in your day today life and be true to your words, it will bring you the admiration and respect from others. Remember nothing improves your personality more than integrity and respect – respect for other people, as well as respect for your own self.

9. Have Your Own Opinion and Be Yourself

There is nothing more boring than trying to talk with somebody who has no opinion to share. The conversation has nowhere to go if you have nothing to share. On the other hand, if you have a unique point of view or different opinion then you’ll become more interesting to be with socially. The next most boring thing is trying to be someone that you’re not. When you’re molding yourself to fit in or be accepted, usually that act will backfire you. Since, every one of us is unique, expressing that uniqueness is what makes us attractive and interesting. So, be yourself to become more authentic.

10. Maintain a positive attitude and outlook

No one wants to be around people who are negative, complain about everyone and everything or have nothing good to say. We used to run away from those kinds of people. So be the kind of person who brightens up the place with good energy and positivity. you can cultivate a positive attitude by looking for the best in people and things. Smile often, spread good vibes and delight others with your presence.



So, these are my ten life skills to improve your personality. You might want to improve your personality if you just started your university years, got your first job, or simply because you want to be the best version of yourself. Whatever the reason it can be, I believe that we all have the capacity and ability to structure our personalities according to our wish. If you have a goal in mind and you decide firmly that you would improve yourself in all aspects of your life both internally and externally then you can cultivate a warm, pleasant and engaging personality.

I hope with this article, I could help those individuals who are in the lookout of improving their personality. Implement these life skills in your day to day life to see the remarkable changes in your personality.

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