6 Simple Steps to Becoming a Master in Your Job

Most of us were brought up to think about a job as nothing more than a method to make money for our living. And we don’t consider work as a methodology to grow ourselves personally and professionally. But the fact is each profession offers us that opportunity. Even the most awful profession you have ever had educated you something valuable. Job is like a workout, as in workout there is always a new exercise to try and new body muscles to grow, in the job there is always a new thing to learn and new skills to develop.

You can be a pro at your profession and become more confident by using every work and every working day as a chance to get successful.

Here are six simple and effective ways to master your job!

1. Get to know your boss’s expectations

Making your boss satisfied is the key element to being a star performer at any phase in your profession. Sit down with your boss and make definite goals and milestones for yourself. Ask your manager like “I want to achieve more and exceed your expectations. What I need to do for that?” and get their suggestions for your improvements. State your boss that you would like to have a meeting with him/her quarterly to evaluate your work performance. This way you can keep your boss updated about your good works and get their feedback to improve your performance furthermore.


2. Document your work achievements

Your superiors or boss probably isn’t tracking your every achievement at work. So keep a log of your measurable accomplishments, that way you can keep track of your own accomplishments, record the skills you acquire at your work and make sure to consistently enhance your skills and performance at work. Also, it allows you to give yourself credit for your hard work. It’s like a pat on your back that pushes you to achieve and hustle more in your job.


3. Thrust yourself beyond your job description

Once you become capable of delivering great work, ask your manager to give you more responsibility, but be specific about the new tasks and projects you want to take on. Requesting particular work also shows initiative from your end. It shows you are interested and engaged with your job thus your manager sees you as a promising employee and gives you more opportunities to learn and grow at your career. Also, this attitude helps you to become a pro at your work.


4. Ask for advice from other colleagues

Work can be a competitive platform and it feels hard to ask advice from your colleagues on your work. But trust me; it’s a good idea to do so! When you ask “How would you manage the same situation if you were me?”, it helps you to build trust between your colleagues. If you seek advice from your co-workers, they will become your counselors or mentors, where you can learn new skills and knowledge from them to become a master in your work.


5. Prove others you are a leader

While your boss or superiors want to see you as a team player, you still need to differentiate yourself from your fellow workers. Your individuality gives you more opportunities to hustle. Remember Individuals get the opportunity for promotion, not teams. There are three ways to get yourself highlighted in a team: taking ownership of a group project, be the one who gives the final presentation and be the one who updates your boss. By following these three steps you get the chance to showcase your individual talents and get more chances to improve and develop your skills & performance in your work. This also proves others you are a leader thus you get more rewarding challenges to enhance your career.


6. Think about your future goals

The biggest problem is most of the people focus on the current issues and tasks at the work that they totally forget about the long-term goals in their jobs. If you really want to achieve more at your work, always looking at your six months, one year or several years out goals. When you think about your long-term goals it will push you to achieve more and gives you a clear roadmap for your career. When you have the clear roadmap, you will get to know what are the things you need to develop to achieve those end goals. And without your knowledge, you put yourself in the place to master in your job and do all the things to sharpen your skills and knowledge.



We all have opportunities to reach heights in our jobs. But if we work with the intention only we can master in our jobs to achieve those heights. If you have the strong willpower, you can begin right now! I hope the above six steps help you to master in your job! Wishing you all the best for your career success!

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