What are the main factors that can influence the user experience?

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What are the main factors that can influence the user experience?

To begin, User Experience refers to a user’s overall happiness with a product. It can be described by the seven main UX factors. I’ve listed the three main factors below; if we take them into account during the design process, it will give users a good experience.

1.) Usable
Products can only be successful if they are usable, regardless of what the user interface looks like. If the product cannot be used, it is useless.

2.) Enjoyable
Design communicates enjoyability through branding, image, identity, aesthetics, and emotional design. The more pleasurable a product is, the more likely the user will return and look for it.

3.) Accessible
The goal of accessibility is to provide an experience that is accessible to individuals of all abilities -This includes those who have a disability in some way, such as hearing loss, poor eyesight, mobility problems, or learning difficulties, or persons who are temporarily disabled.
When designing the product, we considered both temporary and permanent disabilities.

I’ve highlighted three aspects that can have an impact on user experience, but there are others factors also. Can you think of any others?

Selvadinesh Sasikumar Asked question September 21, 2022