Top 10 Tips To Improve Your Website Speed!

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Top 10 Tips To Improve Your Website Speed!

Website Speed is one of the aspects of Technical SEO. It’s referred to as page load time. Simply, the amount of time it takes for the webpage to load its content and fully become visible to the user. Improving website speed has a positive impact on SEO. User satisfaction, Search engine visibility and overall business performance are all affected by website speed. Here I’ve mentioned tips that I recently learned for improving website speed.

  1. Use Google Search Console to collect information about your website’s page speed.
  2. Minimize the page weight.
  3. Focus on your website’s core web vitals rather than the Lighthouse score.
  4. Reduce the Number Of Render-Blocking Requests.
  5. Manage properly the loading of images on your website.
  6. Try an Online Website speed test that provides recommendations on how to improve page speed.
  7. Understand network request chains.
  8. Use Server-Side Rendering For Single-Page Apps.
  9. Optimize your website content.
  10. Continuously Monitor Your Page Speed.

Use tools to regularly monitor the speed of your website. like Google PageSpeed Insights, GTmetrix, or Pingdom. you can enhance your website’s speed and provide a better experience for users.

Mathushika Mathanakumar Answered question December 5, 2023

Your insights into the connection between technical SEO and page load time are constructive. I appreciate the practical advice, especially focusing on core web vitals and using tools like Google Search Console and PageSpeed Insights. Could you elaborate more on when and why one should opt for Server Side Rendering in this context?

Keerthiga Ganeswaran Posted new comment January 29, 2024

Hi Vishnuhanth,
I can explain it to you.
When opt for SSR?
1- If the website is built as a Single-Page App, where most of the content is loaded dynamically without refreshing the entire page, SSR can be advantageous.
2- SSR helps in generating the webpage content on the server side before sending it to the user’s browser.
3- Search engines like Google may find it easier to index content with SSR.

Why choose SSR?
* SSR reduces the users waiting time to load your website.
* It makes a positive impact on SEO.

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