These 5 simple exercises to sharpen your Brain.

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These 5 simple exercises to sharpen your Brain.

5 simple exercises you can do every day:

  • Read a book
  • Change your surroundings and regular routes
  • Concentrate, delve into details
  • Memorize information, learn poems
  • Think positively

This is are my suggestion. if you have any suggestion tell us here.

Puvikaran Changed status to publish June 22, 2021

Basically, We try to sharpen our brain by doing the things that you have mentioned in your point #Puvi. But How many of us really do that? My point is reading a book is an interesting thing when it comes as a story like Harry potter. Otherwise I am not interested to read other kind of big books. 😉

Sugesh Ahamed Changed status to publish March 10, 2022
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