The LinkedIn Post That Caught My Attention!

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The LinkedIn Post That Caught My Attention!

I want to share that I watched a post on LinkedIn this morning that really touched me. That post pointed out the importance of dividing our day into three 8-hour sections in order to create a well-balanced life. The formula is very easy but deep.

  • 8 hours of honest hard work.
  • 8 hours of deep sleep.
  • 8 hours should be spent on ( 3F, 3H and 3S s).

3F are Family, Friends, and Faith.

3H are Health, Hygiene, and hobby.

3S are Soul, Service, and Smile.

You may think this is a very tiny thing but it has lots of meaning. This is a timely reminder that life’s not about work and rest but also about nurturing relationships, well-being, and personal growth to contribute to a fulfilling and meaningful life. If we follow this, we’ll get more balance in living.

Sutharshana Sooriyakumar Answered question November 5, 2023

Thanks for the useful Post Keerthiga, I think it’s always mandatory for everyone to balance their lifestyle. when applying this formula in our life we’ll become disciple to balance our lifestyle in a good way.

Sangeerthana Balasubramaniyam Unselected an answer November 4, 2023
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