Goodbye NodeJS??

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Goodbye NodeJS??

May 27, 2009, an open-source runtime environment was released. NodeJS revolutionized server-side applications and made countless impossibilities a reality.

But in these days, another java runtime environment name is rising among developers. It’s called “Bun”.

Bun is a new open-source runtime environment created by Jared Sumner and over 40 contributors. This nerdy looking runtime environment really packs a punch.

According to the all the resources of the internet about “Bun”, here is 3 major points.

  • Start fast
  • Have new levels of performance
  • To be a great and complete tool

How does it work?

Well, NodeJS uses Google’s V8 engine and has made it a great tool because of JIT (Just In Time) compilation. Now Bun uses the JavaScript Core which is considered to be faster. It was also written in a low-level language “Zig” which is like C and Rust had a baby. Low level control of memory and lack of hidden control flow are the features of Zig that make Bun as fast as it is.


As previously said, “Bun” is a kid yet. Rising kid. It needs to be more developed. It needs more libraries. But after full filling those stuffs, “Bun” will pass the NodeJS. Mainly, the “Bun’s” most powerful feature is rendering speed.

It’s like Ghost CMS. Ghost CMS also is rising CMS for blog than WordPress because of its performance. Ghost CMS also based on NodeJS. So, in future we can see “Bun” & Ghost CMS based on Bun.

As per my conclusion, all these stuffs mainly consider of performance because of nowadays technology not growing fast it goes to another evolution. So, people and developers have no time to waste. They need fast solution for both Production side and Development side. That’s why they consider about performance.

Link for new kid:

So, let’s see!

Suraif Ahamed Answered question October 16, 2022

Nice info! Well-researched. Would be useful to everyone especially developers to shine better. Great share.

Also I like to mention this too, the Bun team attributes their performance to Tons of time spent profiling, benchmarking and optimizing. And as in the graph, Bun. js is more than 2.5x times super fast than Node. js and Deno when utilizing server-side React rendering.

Nimesh Posted new comment December 14, 2022

Thank you so much! Yes I agree 100% with you too…