12 Display Ads Strategies You Need to Know

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12 Display Ads Strategies You Need to Know

When we come to google PPC display ads can do a major role in marketing segments. I would like share 12 strategies that you can use for increase ROI.

1. Conversion tracking and a smart bidding strategy – Incorporate Value

2. Target Your Data (Remarketing) segments to improve your ROAS

3. Target Similar segments, Custom segments, and In-Market segments

4. Incorporate Demographics Targeting

5. Optimized Targeting

6. Dynamic Remarketing

7. A/B Test your Responsive Display Ads (Headlines, Images, Videos)

8. A/B Test your Landing Pages

9. Improve Your Offer & Highlight Your USP

10. Narrow targeting to relevant content using Topics or Keywords

11. Remove Non-Converting Audience Segments & Placements

12. Optimize Ad Rotation and Set Frequency Management

Samitha Dilan Unselected an answer May 23, 2023

Hi Dilan, Thanks for sharing the Google PPC display ads strategies that can be supported to increase the ROI. I’m not familiar with PPC, can you brief about the 1st point: Conversion tracking and a smart bidding strategy – Incorporate Value?

how we can track and start the smart bidding strategy?

Samitha Dilan Posted new comment June 20, 2023

Hi nigetha, Most of the time display ads are more effective when it comes to remarketing campaigns. Therefore tracking your visitors conversion on your website is more important to create these customer and similar audiences based on your website. And with the data about your conversion values you can use machine learning bidding strategies to increase your ROI by optimizing your campaigns to setting Target CPA values with conversion bidding optimization strategies. Hope you got an idea. And if there anything else I’m free to share everything that I know

Hi Nigetha, Display ads are more effective with remarketing campaigns. To start remarketing campaign you need to have a proper conversion tracking data on your website to create these remarketing audience segments. And also with your conversion data values you can use conversion smart bidding strategies with a target CPA you can increase ROAS. So it will help you to increase your ROI. I have put it in here simply but it’s a big part of data analyzing strategy optimizing tactics. So best practice to improve about the conversion data is tracking them in proper way to see how these conversion works with your audience. Hope you could get an idea to start jump into learn. If there anything else let me know. Best Regards!