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Why do we need to know about Sentiment Analysis?

It’s a very interesting topic, Thanks for getting this topic to the public view. As you said, it is done using algorithms and that are using text analysis and natural language processing to classify the words as it’s positive or negative or else it’s neutral. This will be allowed to the companies to gain an…

8 Trends in Graphic Design That Will Inspire You.

Love it thank you for sharing those important information, some things here are not even from this year (2022)

What and Why the marketing analysis?

Marketing analysis is a crucial part of a business’s growth. Behind every successful product and service, there is a comprehensive market analysis of competitors and customers. Effective market analysis can help businesses in getting valuable information about shifts in the economy, competitors, ongoing market trends, demographics, and the traits of customers’ expenditures. While I’m working…

8 Trends in Graphic Design That Will Inspire You.

I appreciate you sharing this excellent information. I’ll also discuss some graphic design trends for 2023. Those are some of them and are listed below. 01.Illustrations 02.Typography 03.Serif fonts 04.90s nostalgia 05.Dark mode Thank you.

Strengthen a Landing Page with These 5 Key Elements.

There is no standard way of creating a good landing page, it may have many differentiating factors. but the main objective of a landing page is to convert visitors into leads. that’s for sure. Nithurshan Sritharan, As you mentioned each element are crucial. If you are ready to get started with creating a landing page,…

Strengthen a Landing Page with These 5 Key Elements.

Good One! Agree, with these important 5 elements, we should also focus on giving valuable information on our landing pages that are helpful for our target audience.

Feeling STRESSED …. But Not Taking Care of It?

Interesting Information. I heard a lot about the Ikigai book, now I should add this book to my reading list!

Goodbye NodeJS??

Nice info! Well-researched. Would be useful to everyone especially developers to shine better. Great share. Also I like to mention this too, the Bun team attributes their performance to Tons of time spent profiling, benchmarking and optimizing. And as in the graph, Bun. js is more than 2.5x times super fast than Node. js and Deno when…

Digital Marketing Trends in 2022

Thanks for sharing. It’s great information.

Digital Marketing Trends in 2022

Thanks for sharing. Some point Misted. I am also mentioning some digital marketing trends. 1.Metaverse 2.Livestream Commerce 3.YouTube Shorts 4.International Ads 5.Instagram Reels 6.WhatsApp Marketing 7.Social Media Stories 8.People Also Ask 9.Google Ads Smart Bidding 10.Interactive Content Thank You.