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Google Search on desktop is finally getting a dark theme!

Nigetha After reading your post I checked the dark mode on my laptop. it’s really amazing, especially when we browse in the night time. Thanks for sharing this information.

What are your favorite WordPress SEO Plugins and why do you prefer ?

According to my experience, Rankmath is performing better than Yoast. its features and all are good even with the free version.

What are your favorite WordPress SEO Plugins and why do you prefer ?

Based on my experience, I prefer to choose Rank Math. because of it’s the best one and it has a wonderful feature to import data from other existing old SEO plugins like Yoast SEO without impacting existing SERP results. This feature helps everyone to transfer easily from other plugins. Look at the features and compare…

What are your favorite WordPress SEO Plugins and why do you prefer ?

RankMath is my personal favourite. As a blogger, RankMath helps me to optimize my blogs for search engines and also helps to get better rankings for my blogs. I would say when it comes to blog SEO optimization RankMath plugin is the best!

How Can I self-learn graphic design?

Here are some simple steps to self-learn graphic designing 1. First, find out what motivate you to create designs 2. Get yourself passionate about graphic designing 3. Get to know the basic principles about designing 4. Find a simple software to begin your graphic designing practice 5. Find study resources about graphic designing and learn…

Do you know the types of Instagram content?

Hey Susijegan, There are so many types available when it comes to Instagram content, please check this out and get to know that deeply.

QA: Is Negative SEO Hurting Your Traffic? What It Is & How to Avoid It

Hey Thusha, I’m so excited to listen about this topic, actually, it really needs who are in the SEO field. can you please tell me which is coming under the negative SEO?

How to use heading tags for SEO?

Hey Priyanka, Heading tags are very essential, but it’s a proper organization of web content. The proper heading tag will help to easily understand search engines what the content is telling exactly about your content. If you want to know about how to use proper heading tags, please follow the below points:  H1 should be on…

How to use heading tags for SEO?

Nigetha Thank you for your clarification about heading tags. can you please explain to me, is there any restriction to use heading tags?