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How to Increase Website Authority (Domain Rating)

It’s a detailed explanation Anuckshana, Thanks for sharing! Let me share a few more things here, when the search engine determines the Domain Rating, several fundamentals are supported. check it out the metrics below: 1. Number of links (Referring domain) 2. Quality of backlinks 3. Relevancy of the backlinks For any further clarifications, please raise…

How to Increase Website Authority (Domain Rating)

Anuckshana, Thanks for sharing these resources on Domain Rating. They are insightful! Having Domain Rate (DR) Scores between 40 and 50 is considered average, and Domain Rate between 50 and 60 must be considered as good.

How can I easily prepare for powercut schedules? (Sri Lanka)

Timely tips to manage the present situation in Sri Lanka! Thanks for sharing Saadh 🙂

Does anyone know how to use Github?

Hey Mishal! Checkout this Git sheet might be handy for you to start around:

Tablet or mobile phone is better for the regular use. Share your opinion ?

This my personal opinion. I most like to Mobile devices instead of Tablets. Apart from Receiving calls & SMSs, I use mobile phones to receive notifications & alerts of my works such as My daily Tasks reminders, Websites running statuses, News etc. Because mobile always is on, I receive notifications in real time. And also…