Nigetha Rajah319

December 2022 link spam update releasing for Google Search!

Google announced a link spam update that is set to go into effect in December of 2022. What does this mean for your website? Below we will go over what this update is, how it will impact your website, and what you can do to prepare. Keep reading to learn about the December 2022 link…

Google Search on desktop is finally getting a dark theme!

Hey Guys! Dark theme is now available for Desktop users as well, Did you noticed anyone? this is very simple, just check this: Once you activated, you can see like this:   Get more details, click here    

Evaluate yourself!

Dear Folks! Did anyone evaluate your self? Yes, I’m. Evaluation is the most important key to find our mistakes and we can learn from the mistakes that can improve our personal and professional life. just give it a try