With Pinterest, it’s possible

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With Pinterest, it’s possible

Which colours are going to dominate trends throughout 2024?

Pinterest has released the “Pinterest Palette” a comprehensive overview of color trends for 2024. This initiative is grounded in the rich insights from the Pinterest Predicts report, highlighting the dominant colours emerging from user pins.

Revealed colour palettes include:
01. Gummy Pink
02. Desert Orange
03. Aqua Blue
04. Moss Green
05. Mocha Brown

These colours are not just trending; they represent a deeper understanding of our collective mood and preferences. Pinterest provides an extensive guide for each palette, offering insights into how these colours traverse various pins, including key products and search terms.

This invaluable resource aims to inspire marketers and creatives, guiding their approach to content creation and design strategies in 2024.

Download the full Pinterest Palette here: https://bit.ly/4bK2awF

Sutharshana Sooriyakumar Unselected an answer March 8, 2024

Hi Sutharshana,

Absolutely, knowing this insight into Pinterest color trends is very useful for attracting users. Through these new trends, we can initiate new approaches on social media.

Sutharshana Sooriyakumar Unselected an answer March 8, 2024