Winning Tactics to Perform SEO Competitive Analysis

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Winning Tactics to Perform SEO Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis is a vital part to identify the gap between you and your competitor. It is the process of identifying the strength and weaknesses of your competitors in terms of SEO performance. Performing a competitor analysis gives you an idea of the bests and worsts of your competitors. In order to perform a comprehensive competitor analysis, you can try out these winning tactics to find the tricks used by your competitors,

  • Find your organic competitors
  • Keyword Gap Analysis
  • Analyzing competitor’s page-by-page analysis
  • Study Competitor backlinks
  • Content Gap Analysis
  • Identify Search Features
  • Shoot for featured snippets

I usually conduct a SEO Competitor analysis, when I start to work with a new client, and I use the following excellent tools to analyze the above-mentioned factors,

Try out these tactics along with these tools to outrank your competitors and share your comments below if you have any other winning strategies and tools to conduct the competitive analysis.

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