Why they use windows server instead of windows in originations

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Why they use windows server instead of windows in originations

Microsoft specifically creates the Windows Server operating system for usage on a server. Powerful systems called servers are designed to operate continuously and offer resources to other computers. But Microsoft’s Windows is a graphical operating system. It offers a method of connecting to the internet and enables users to browse and store files, run applications, play games, and watch a video.

But Windows Server offers more sophisticated features, including support for bigger networks, improved security, and expansion of users and programs. Windows Server is a better option for these kinds of jobs because it is tuned for server duties including managing databases, hosting websites, and executing web servers.

Why large companies use windows servers instead of regular Windows:

  1. Scalability: Windows Server was designed with the capacity to manage bigger network setups and support more users and applications. This means that it is the best alternative for expanding businesses that must scale their infrastructure.
  2. Security: Advanced security mechanisms in Windows Server, such as BitLocker Drive Encryption, help safeguard sensitive data. Additionally, it has an improved firewall and security upgrades created especially for server situations.
  3. Remote Access: Administrators can connect to the server remotely thanks to Windows Server’s Remote Desktop Services. When making adjustments or carrying out maintenance, this can expedite the process and boost efficiency.
  4. Server Roles: Several roles in Windows Server are designed specifically for server activities, including File Server, Print Server, and Active Directory Domain Services. As a result, it easier to manage and maintain the server environment.
  5. Licensing: Depending on the needs of the company, Windows Server requires a different license than standard Windows, and the licensing price may well be lower.

    This makes it a better choice for organizations that need a stable and secure server infrastructure. that regular Windows does not have.
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