Which is the best Leadership Style that you admire the most?

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Which is the best Leadership Style that you admire the most?

Punishment. Leadership is the art of motivating people to work and focus on a planned objective and boosting their employees to grow both personally and professionally. Leadership collaborates with eight (08) different dimensions. They are Democratic Leadership, Transformational Leadership, Transactional Leadership, Autocratic Leadership, Laissez-faire Leadership, Strategic Leadership, Coach-style Leadership & Bureaucratic leadership.

Let’s have a look at each Leadership style.

1. Democratic Leadership

A Leader can make decisions based on the Team’s opinions. (Every one Involvement in the decisions making) but cannot be used in the Long- run.

  1. Loss of Authority.
  2. Miss Communications can see throughout the entire process.
  3. Un-healthy decision making

2. Autocratic Leadership

Is totally different from Democratic leadership. The opinions of the team members never consider much more. Leaders expect others to adhere to their decisions,

  1. Unable to sustain for the long run.

3.Laissez-faire Leadership

This may empower team members and holds them responsible for their own output. Need to put their best foot forward to bring the best output. (Let them do)

  1. Accountable for their work
  2. Product efficiency.

4.Strategic Leadership

Leaders use their skills and capabilities to help team members & organization to achieve their long-term goals.

  1. Open-Minded.
  2. Good Interpersonal Communication.
  3. Care for others’ well-being.

5.Coach-style Leadership

Identifying and nurturing a team member’s strengths & weaknesses of the entire firm.

  1. Individual Performance
  2. Skill.
  3. Language Proficiency.
  4. Self-Discipline.

6.Bureaucratic Leadership

Leadership Style stick with rules. Whether it is good or bad they always are with the rules that they designed. (Never consider the Team member’s Opinions)

  1. No Favoritism among the Team members.
  2. Increasing the creativity of employees.

7.Transformational Leadership

Inspire others to achieve unexpected goals, and Improve team members’ creativity and productivity.

  1. Motivation
  2. Encouraging Team Members.

8.Transactional Leadership

Task-Oriented mental ship style. Leader expectations may be at a peak level.

Once the employee failed, unsatisfied with their work and performance.

  1. Rewarded
  2. De-promoted.

Conclusion: A great leader can create a Great History, Leader is a single word who designs the entire firm to travel to achieve a common goal. Situations may differ to having a style of leadership which is especially needed for the sustain, Entire 8 styles I can okay with Strategic and Laissez-faire Leadership.

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