Where do you work more efficiently home or office?

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Where do you work more efficiently home or office?

Do you prefer to work at home or in an office? Where are you most efficient? say your answer and reason for the answer in the comments section.

Puvikaran Changed status to publish June 22, 2021

Puvi , One of the great choice of working in a home if you have the full knowledge in that part and having the resources. but if we face any obstacles, we cannot expect others help.  we should fix that problem without any help. If I’m wrong in this case, the whole project will collapse. This is one of the disadvantages to working at home. But we have the advantages as well. like there are many things to help me to stay focused, avoid interruptions/distractions and manage our time with efficiently.

From the office, we can learn a lot. Not only the works, additionally we can get the experience and grow up our self-reputation as well.

Sugesh Ahamed Changed status to publish March 10, 2022
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