What is social bookmarking and its benefits?

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What is social bookmarking and its benefits?

social bookmarking is the process of saving a specific web page or post to bookmarking a site so users can revisit it later. Using social bookmarking sites you can publish articles, videos, stories, blog posts, etc. Bookmarks can be public, private, or shared with specific groups so users can comment and vote for web pages they like.


  • Bring traffic to the website
  • It helps permanent and quality backlinks
  • Relevant users will visit your websites
  • Increase your website authority
  • Benefits that the overall ranking of your website

Social bookmarking also helps to expand branch reach by earning backlinks through other relevant content and interacting with potential collaborators.

Sangeerthana Balasubramaniyam Asked question September 8, 2023

Hi Sangeerthana, Thank you for sharing this information about What is social bookmarking and its benefits. Social bookmarking is a great way to Bring traffic to the website, Collaborate with others, and improve your website’s SEO.