What is Google indexing and why is it important?

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What is Google indexing and why is it important?

Google’s search index is essentially its entire inventory of websites that it draws from to provide search results to users. While it may feel as though Google is huge enough to take you to any site on the Internet, that’s not true. Only indexed sites can appear in search results.

Of course, new sites can always be added to the index, and that’s precisely what Google indexing is the process of adding a website to Google’s index. Indexing happens when Google’s web crawlers, also called spiders-crawl websites on the Internet.

If you want to reach users through Google, indexing is a critical process for your business. If Google doesn’t index your website, not only will it not rank high, but it also won’t appear in search results at all not on page one or page 1000. One of the best ways for your audience to find you is by searching for terms related to what you sell. without first getting your site indexed by Google, you can’t appear in any searches, which means you’ll receive very little site traffic. Google indexing is the first step to improve site traffic, revenue, and conversions for your business.

Manokaran Ajenthani Asked question April 23, 2023