What is Go-To-Market Strategy?

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What is Go-To-Market Strategy?

Go-To-Market Strategy is a plan used by businesses to launch their new product or services to the market in order to generate more sales. This comprehensive plan helps businesses to mitigate the risk of introducing a new product or service to the market and guides you throughout the process of reaching your products and services in customer’s hand. Go-To-Market Strategy includes target audience profile, market plan, sales and distribution plan and strategy. A well-designed Go-To-Market Strategy is essential for brand-new startups, and small businesses to scale their businesses.

Who needs a Go-To-Market-Strategy?

  • Introducing a new product in an existing market
  • Introducing an existing product in the new market
  • Testing a new product in the market

Here I have attached a Go-To-Market (GTM) cheatsheet to check before you launch a new product in the market,


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