What is AnyCast DNS?

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What is AnyCast DNS?

Hey All! Today I received a very insightful email from one of leading hosting provider in Sri Lanka. In there they have simply explained what is Anycast DNS which is going to apply on their hosting services.

What is Anycast DNS?

Let’s start with traditional DNS. Typically, when you access a domain, your request is directed to specific/fixed DNS servers, often located in one or two places. This can mean longer travel times for your data, especially if these servers are geographically distant from your visitors.

For example, a visitor in Colombo accessing a site with DNS servers in Singapore has their request travel back and forth between these locations. This not only adds delay but also means any server issues can impact site accessibility worldwide.

Introducing the Power of Anycast DNS:

Anycast DNS changes the game. Instead of relying on a single location, DNS records are replicated across a global network of servers. Now, a visitor in Mumbai gets their DNS queries resolved by a nearby server in Mumbai, while someone in Moscow connects to a server in Moscow. This massively cuts down latency and ensures greater reliability. Even if one server faces issues, others step in seamlessly.

Benefits of Anycast DNS:

  • Speed and Reliability: Anycast DNS significantly reduces latency and ensures your website loads swiftly, no matter where your visitors are.

  • Improved Redundancy: With multiple servers worldwide, DNS queries are rerouted instantly if one server encounters problems, ensuring consistent availability.

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