What Is a windows server?

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What Is a windows server?

When Microsoft released Windows NT and MS-DOS in the early 1980s, Windows Server development got underway. The Windows NT kernel was created at the time by a Microsoft employee named David Cutler to offer the speed, security, and dependability that big businesses require in server operating systems.

Ordinary users rarely need to be concerned about Windows Server. You won’t come across it on a store shelf or download it by mistake from Microsoft when you intended to buy the ordinary version of Windows. However, learning about it is still worthwhile so that you are educated.

Windows Server History

1993: Windows NT 3.1 Advanced Server
1994: Windows NT 3.5 Server
1995: Windows NT Server 3.51
1996: Windows NT Server 4.0
2000: Windows 2000
2005: Windows Server 2003 R2
2008: Windows Server 2008
2009: Windows Server 2008 R2
2012: Windows Server 2012
2013: Windows Server 2012 R2
2016: Windows Server 2016
2017: Semi-Annual Channel and Long-Term Servicing Channel
2019: Windows Server 2019

Who should to use Windows Server?

  • Security concerns among businesses
  • Companies utilizing other Microsoft products and services
  • Businesses processing a lot of data
  • Businesses with little or no expertise with technology

In the end, though Windows Server you can get for totally different uses.

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