What are your favorite WordPress SEO Plugins and why do you prefer ?

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What are your favorite WordPress SEO Plugins and why do you prefer ?

There are hundreds of WordPress SEO plugins available on the WP repository and premium plugins are sold by companies and individuals. But, the question is which one is really effective? Actually giving the better results in terms of Ranking, better CTR, features, quick config, lightweight, etc?

I’m a big fan of Yoast SEO and now switched to RankMath because of the innovative features, user interface, price, and prompt support! To be honest, the free plugin itself giving the best results. Look at this review

What’s your favorite WordPress SEO plugin and why is that?

Kokul Krishnan Answered question July 30, 2021

Based on my experience, I prefer to choose Rank Math. because of it’s the best one and it has a wonderful feature to import data from other existing old SEO plugins like Yoast SEO without impacting existing SERP results. This feature helps everyone to transfer easily from other plugins.

Look at the features and compare each plugin’s features to understand why Rank Math is an absolute game-changer for WordPress SEO!

Sharanyan Posted new comment July 30, 2021

Comparing AIO, SEOPress is something better and lightweight


According to my experience, Rankmath is performing better than Yoast. its features and all are good even with the free version.

Sharanyan Posted new comment July 30, 2021

Not praising about RankMath! Personally, I admired the user interface wizard and its team constant updates. Of course, that custom schema option is something goldmine.


RankMath is my personal favourite. As a blogger, RankMath helps me to optimize my blogs for search engines and also helps to get better rankings for my blogs. I would say when it comes to blog SEO optimization RankMath plugin is the best!

Abirika Soolabanee Answered question July 30, 2021