What are the keyword research tools & techniques?

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What are the keyword research tools & techniques?

Good keyword research is the foundation of any website that gets traffic and makes money. The content you publish should always begin with the goal of ranking in search. Good keyword research is applicable to PPC advertising as well.

Search is an extension of the human mind. There are types of keywords based on what people use to find what they are looking for online.

Informational: Looking for answers to specific questions, ‘how to’ contents, or general questions.

Navigational: Specific search to find unique pages or website

Commercial: Searches that help people learn about brands or services.

Example: Lenovo ThinkPad user review

Transactional: Keyword phrases people make with the intention to make a purchase or do something specific.

Example: Best place to buy a laptop

According to Ubersuggest, 89% of keywords get only 10 monthly searches or fewer. Also, Atrex indicates that only 0.16% of the most popular keywords are responsible for 60% of all searches.

It is difficult to rank in Google Search even though you fully optimize your site and it takes time even with the right keywords. Here, we are discussing different keyword research strategies that can be undertaken.

Keyword Research 

You have to take really broad keywords or obscure phrases that no one is searching for.

If you are on a tighter budget for PPC optimization a low competition low cost per click option can be utilized or you can do an A/B test to see what kind of results you are getting for Google paid ad campaign.

You can use keyword idea variables to expand your search using the search result page itself such as related search, suggestions, questions, propositions, and comparisons.

Then you can narrow down the results you found by eliminating the obvious ones that you don’t have to use.

You can pick keywords using followings,

  • Google Autosuggest in the search bar
  • ‘People also ask’ section in Google Search
  • Related searches section
  • Google keyword Planner
  • Google ‘site:’ search command
  • competitors XML sitemap
  • Answers.com
  • Answer the public
  • Ahrefs keyword research
  • Chat GPT for keyword research
  • Google Trends
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Can you give a brief about each technique? if you can show up with snapshot, that would be easier to understand those who are not familiar with this.