What are the important things in a great website?

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What are the important things in a great website?

None of the marketing aspects is much more vital than a quality website, your company’s front door. A “better” website isn’t enough to break through and to transform users into engaged customers. What we really want is a super great website.

So, what makes a website super great?

1. Well-designed and functional
Our site reflects Our company, services, products, and our brand.
At the same time, the site must work fast, accurately, and as expected. Each and every page must always be quick and functional.

2. Easy to use
Visitors to the site are often in a rush. Don’t tire them for data. User Experience plays a vital role in assisting visitors’ use, understanding, and keeping them on your website.

3. Optimized for mobile

Nowadays, no excuses can be given, our site should look superb and work well on any of the platforms. Optimizing for mobile devices would improve our visitors’ experience and SEO rankings.

4. Fresh Quality Content
Be trendy, attractive, and new. Using a language which bring sense to our audience, spelling accurately, being correct, being specific, and updating oftenly are MUST. Yes, a bit of investment is needed for it.

5. Readily accessible contact and location

Our viewers are not going to chase us down. Make it easier to follow, provide many forms of contact: email, mobile, social media or any other easy-to-use way. A Google map is a bonus. Moreover, make sure that these facts are instantly available either on an easily accessed contact page or on all the pages of our site.

6. Clear all call actions.

If our site gets nothing from the visitors, mostly they would do nothing. What is the aim of our site? Is it clear to the audience? Even informational sites need the audience to read and share things, follow them on social media, etc. So, include an ask opinion on all the pages.

7. Optimized for Search and the Social Web

It’s not sufficient to develop a fine-looking website which is easy to bandle. Else, all that effort in design, UX, and content development would be for naught.

Using page titles and meta tags on all the pages and alt tags on all the images will be a good option. Optimizing the content on our site to align with the words what people really look for is also better. Also, use keywords correctly in the content and links.

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Nimesh Answered question September 21, 2022

Very informative!

Nimesh Answered question September 21, 2022