Understanding Cookies : why they popup in some websites

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Understanding Cookies : why they popup in some websites

Today I did some research and development works. therefore, I noticed one thing that majority of websites asked me to agree for their cookies.

Have you guys ever wondered why websites ask for you to agree to use cookies? let me share with you which I learned today.

Cookies are not the delicious treats you would find in your grandma’s kitchen. Cookies are small pieces of data it’s stored on your device by website where you visit.

But why these are important and what happens when you accept the cookies?

Cookies used for several essential purposes:

Improve user experiences: Cookies remember your login details, your preferences and your shopping card things, and it makes your visits easy and more personalized.

Analytics and performance: Website owners are used these cookies to analyze and collected data based on user behavior and helping them to improve their site and functionality content on their website.

Target and advertising: Cookies enable advertisers to show you relevant ads based on your browsing history.

When you accept these cookies, you may enable these functionalities and enhancing your online presence and you may get relevant ads. however, its essential to keep in mind of your privacy. you can usually manage cookies in your browser settings to control your data.

So, if you see that cookie pop up, remind that cookies are the secret of behind your online advertising adventures!

Do you have any other opinions feel free to share with me in the comment section!

Anuckshana Ganeshamoorthy Edited question September 11, 2023