Try Out these 9 best Agile Project Management Tools

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Try Out these 9 best Agile Project Management Tools

Are you a project manager who thinks about whether you should start a transition to Agile project management within your projects? No worries, there are plenty of project management tools which helps you to implement the Agile project management methodology within your projects.

What is Agile Methodology?

Agile Methodology is the modern way of dealing with projects which is totally different from the traditional waterfall method. It is commonly used by most of the teams and businesses to save their time, budget and improve the efficiency of the overall project. It also provides the project team with more flexibility than traditional methods of project management which allow them to offer a seamless project experience to their customers.

There are various Agile project management tools that help you with the implementation of Agile practices within your projects. These tools help the team leads to plan, organise, track their project progress, and encourage teams to collaborate. Here I have mentioned the top 9 Agile project management tools to try out with your projects

  1. Asana:  Suits for visualization and team collaboration
  2. Trello:  Suits for Kanban boards & card-based task lists
  3. Wrike: Suits for centralizing multiple projects
  4. Suits for kanban style visualization
  5. Kintone: Suits for building custom agile workflows
  6. Jira Software: Suits for Agile testing and project management
  7. Height:  Suits for Agile project management for teams of any size.
  8. Miro:  Suits for collaborative whiteboards & visualizations
  9. Forecast: Suits for workflow automation

There’s no one perfect best solution that suits all kinds of businesses and teams, each project management tool is unique based on the customer’s requirements, company and project goals, and the people who are using the software.

Verginiya Patrick Edited question July 22, 2023

Hi Vergi,

Yes, I’m in Project management and I would say “Agile project management” is a dynamic approach and it helps to manage our projects that especially prioritize flexibilities, collaboration, and continuously we can see the improvement.

When it comes to Agile project management tools, I have experience in the following tools such as Trello and Asana. Meantime I wanna know about workflow automation to improve my future projects efficiently.