Trends in No-Code and Why You Should Care in 2022

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Trends in No-Code and Why You Should Care in 2022

The no-code movement rests on the central idea that technology should empower and facilitate the building of products that people can use on a regular basis. No-code development involves the use of a graphical user interface rather than programming languages to create software.

  1. Increased popularity of search queries over time

In case you have not noticed, the no-code pace has increased over the years, ushering us into a no-code revolution.

  1. Less reliance on the IT department

Over the past decade, ‘citizen developers’ have been on the rise. Will 2022 mark the year they finally step up and gain control over application development? It seems likely.

  1. More automation functionalities and features

Automation is now the norm for businesses so that employees can focus on more rewarding work rather than tedious tasks. Automation tools reduce the amount of work everyone has to do and automate the entire process.

  1. Better product education for beginners

With the increasing popularity of no-code communities and no-code learning platforms, it is possible for anyone to build a prototype or even a full version all by themselves in a few days, and then test and sell the product. Tutorials and learning courses of a simpler and more accessible ways to bring ideas to life.

  1. Top players driving growth in the industry

One of the most exciting trends in no-code space at the moment is the growing capabilities of innovative no-code vendors.

  1. New and existing solutions continue to attract funding

How much funding do startups that use no-code raise? Those days when startups had to wait months for development teams to scope, specify, build, and test products at great expense are long gone.

  1. Continued growth projected over the next decade

The no-code movement will likely continue to grow over the next decade thanks to the new possibilities these tools offer. The global low-code/no-code market size was valued at USD 11.45 billion in 2019 β†— and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 22.7% from 2020 to 2027.

The future is looking great! The ecosystem of no-code solutions is rapidly expanding, with more custom solutions available than ever before to address niche issues and automate specific processes.

It has been an exciting year for people developing their ideas and building up their businesses using no-code tools. These ideas will soon turn into business plans and side hustle businesses. The future of no-code tools will make launching a company easier than ever before.

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