Top 7 Instagram Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2023

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Top 7 Instagram Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2023

Do you want to improve your Instagram Marketing approach in 2023? Then you should avoid the following Instagram Marketing mistakes.

Because of Instagram’s visual nature, brands can be creative with the marketing of their product/services on Instagram. However, it’s harder to omit the common Instagram mistakes and make your marketing a success on the platform.

Learn these Instagram Marketing mistakes to avoid them in the future!

1. Using a profile picture that isn’t scalable
2. Having multiple links in your Instagram bio
3. Not checking your Instagram content analytics
4. Not including CTAs in your Instagram posts
5. Not pinning your most valuable Instagram posts
6. Not repurposing your top-performing Instagram posts
7. Not adapting to Instagram algorithm changes

Abirika Soolabanee Changed status to publish August 6, 2023