Three big strategic questions to Grow Your Business

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Three big strategic questions to Grow Your Business

Hey! This is the story so read this story if you wanna grow your business,

Shall we focus the Three big strategic questions? that you must know when you running the business & when you are in the competitive market,

01. where are we now?

where are we now mean, where is our business, where the our growth stage, and which growth stage we are in so if you find properly where are you you will start to think how you grow your business to the next level won’t it?

02. where do we want to go?

So then after you research where you are you will be struggling with this question, where we need to go, where we want to go what will be the our destination, non of you don’t like to down your business, all are trying to adaptation to the market trend and growth the market and retain in the market, so if you try to find where you want to go you will start to think what is the purpose of my business why I’m running this business likewise isn’t it?

03. how will we get there?

and when you after fins where are we now & where we want to go you start to think about how I’m going there, how I’m growing my business ,what are things I need to do,what strategies I’m gonna use, isn’t it?

So why are you still struggling to start to grow join with the strategic bridges the gap Concept & think where you are , where you need to be, how you get there,

So there is a two concepts to achieving goals strategies & Tactics lets see what these are, do you need success or growth ok then you need to know what are those, which you can apply to your business effective way, doesn’t matter what business you are running if you need to be grow you should get to know what are those and align your vision mission to achieve it isnt it?.

& Hey we will check the what are strategies & Tactics without delay.


  • It is a plan to achieve long-term goals.
  • It is a conceptualization of how the goal could be achieved.


  • It is an action to execute the strategy.
  • How you are going to execute the plan to support the strategy?

And step by step we reached to the Topic:

What is the strategic marketing? then

  • Way to differentiate an organization from its competitors by capitalizing on its strengths.
  • Use of marketing disciplines to achieve organizational goals by developing and maintaining a sustainable competitive advantage.

And Finally, What is the meaning of your strategies, for what do you use the strategies,

The goal of Strategic Marketing (and the job of the strategic marketer) is to maximize a firm’s positive differentiation over competitors in the eyes of its target market, That’s what we all want, isn’t it? so then try to adapt and change the pattern to make an effective strategy for your business to grow!.

sanjaya Asked question March 7, 2024

Thanks for sharing, Sanjaya! This breakdown of strategic questions and concepts like strategy versus tactics provides a clear roadmap for business growth. Understanding where you are, where you want to go, and how to get there is crucial.

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