State of Search 2023: Stat from SEMRUSH

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State of Search 2023: Stat from SEMRUSH

The State of Search 2023 study by Semrush is out, and it’s a must-read for anyone relying on online performance. In today’s world searchers’ behaviours are continuously evolving and it’s a bit difficult to accept brands that rely on online performance. Recently SEMRUSH has conducted an annual 360-degree analysis of Google updates, search behaviours, and SEO activities. This analysis highlights trends from comparing 2022 to 2021 on how people searched, industries performed, and SERPs changed across the world.

The study includes data from the Semrush Sensor database, Domain Analytics, Traffic Analytics, and more to help you optimize your SEO strategy and outmanoeuvre the competition. Here I have shared the main takeaways from the analysis;

  1. By 2023, it’s estimated that there will be over 5 billion people using the Internet, and more than half of all Internet traffic will come from mobile devices.
  2.  Search traffic by market:  Last year was very difficult for many industries due to global economic situation but at the end of 2022 many industries had regained their level of online search. Retail, Online education, and Travel sew a decrease in search traffic while Electronics, Beauty, Media, and Food industries are seeing growth.
  3. Search Intent: Transactional and commercial search intent are on the rise, with 21.1% and 9.2% of keywords falling into those categories respectively; Since Google introduced more commerce-led SERP features in 2022, providing more options to read reviews and buy online had made a huge increase in transactional and commercial search intent.
  4. SEO: Google rolled out 10 confirmed updates. Some of the major updates were EEAT and Helpful content update.
  5. Average CTR for the 1st position on desktop SERP is 22.2%, on mobile 22.4%. Exploring the searches that are likely to make your SEO efforts pay off becomes more essential.
  6. Paid ads are becoming less effective, with a record low 0.02% of clicks going to paid ads. It’s time to focus more on organic search
  7. There were 10 confirmed Google updates last year, which was slightly fewer than in 2021. The impact of these updates appeared to be comparatively low in 2022, and volatility was higher than it was in 2021.
  8. Organic features on desktop: Images appeared in search results 42.4% more frequently compared to 2021
  9. Organic features on Mobile: Popular products in search results 17% more frequently compared to 2021

To see all the data and insights, check out the State of Search 2023 report –

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