Starlink for Sri Lanka?

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Starlink for Sri Lanka?

Starlink is a project by SpaceX, a company owned by Elon Musk. They’re working to provide high-speed internet access worldwide using a network of satellites. Sri Lanka, like many countries, faces challenges in providing reliable internet access, especially in remote areas or on naval vessels.

Recently, the Sri Lanka Navy decided to test out the Starlink Internet service on their ships. They received a Starlink Kit, which includes equipment like an outdoor dish, for the testing phase. The first ship to undergo testing was the “Gajabahu,” where they tried out the service for a month.

During the test, they found that they could download data at speeds of up to 11.9MB/s (about 100Mbps) and upload data at speeds of up to 2.65MB/s (around 22Mbps). To access this service, they paid $250 for a 50GB data package for a month.

Now, the Navy is continuing their testing phase on another ship called the “Samudura.” However, they haven’t received official approval from the Sri Lanka Telecommunication Regulatory Commission yet. Despite this, they’re pressing ahead with their tests on naval vessels.

If these trials are successful, it could mark a significant improvement in internet access for Sri Lanka, particularly for its naval operations. Moreover, if the Navy adopts Starlink, there’s hope that it could pave the way for broader public access to this technology in the future.

Nimesh Asked question April 28, 2024