SEO metrics you can track in GA4!

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SEO metrics you can track in GA4!

Have you tried GA4 to track the metrics after completing your SEO?

Here is one of the valuable Google Analytics 4 reports, let me give you the snap to understand and learn very quickly.

1. Traffic acquisition report: Log in to your GA4 account and within one click in the GA4 interface, you can get you the Traffic acquisition report, aka the session acquisition report (there is an acquisition by both user and session in GA4) then you’ll find this report under Life cycle > Acquisition > Traffic Acquisition.

You can break this report down by additional dimensions, including custom dimensions.

Finally, you can use the filter box that table if you want to filter this report for just Organic Search as a channel.

Hope you can easily understand where you can track the Traffic acquisition report via GA4, Comment below if you need any further support.

Nigetha Rajah Asked question February 7, 2023