Secret Organic Search Ranking Hacks to Boost your Blog Traffic

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Secret Organic Search Ranking Hacks to Boost your Blog Traffic

Recently I have worked with a client who focuses on a blogging campaign to drive qualified traffic. Almost, we ran the campaign for the last six-month period but around 4 month period I was not able to drive notable organic search traffic through the campaign and it got frustrating. Eventually, I researched and tried these simple search engine ranking hacks to boost blog traffic by 10X. So let’s see what are those simple hacks,

  1. Get help from SEMrush’s Keyword Magic Tool – this tool is awesome and will help you to sniff out the low-hanging fruit (keywords) that are easy to rank for. Simply what you have to do is find the keywords with low-competition,long-tail phrases and good search volume and start from there.
  2. Focus on one primary keyword per blog – After selecting your keyword, its time to give priority to focus on one Primary keyword per blog and you also can use secondary and LSI keywords to support this primary keyword. Remember to not to write blogs that are too broad. Pro tip, write it simple and readable.
  3. Optimize the SEO basics – Optimize SEO settings like meta titles,  meta descriptions, alt text on images and as the toppings add some good internal linking.
  4. Don’t do Keyword Stuffing – It’s really worse reading a blog that is stuff with keywords. Instead add semantic keywords naturally to help build relevancy.

By following these simple hacks I can drive organic search traffic to my client. Now its your time, let me know your tips and hacks you tried and became successful in the comment section.

Anuckshana Ganeshamoorthy Answered question December 20, 2023

Thanks for sharing, Verginiya, what you have mentioned are so true! I’ll add some points. Optimize the blog with relevant keywords and mate descriptions and updated blog also crucial for blog traffic and organic search ranking.

Anuckshana Ganeshamoorthy Answered question December 20, 2023
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