Samsung shows the Enhanced Ballie AI Robot at CES 2024

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Samsung shows the Enhanced Ballie AI Robot at CES 2024

Samsung introduced an upgraded version of its Ballie AI robot, initially showcased at CES 2020. Now dubbed an ‘AI companion robot’ for your home, it boasts new features, making it more advanced than ever.

The Ballie AI robot showcased in a demo video has various functions. It comes with a new projector for displaying content and can navigate through your home to perform household tasks. In a recent video, Ballie was seen updating its owner on the house’s status while patrolling. This suggests that Ballie could serve as a security measure for your home. You can instruct it to check different areas of your house and receive notifications on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

After reporting on house patrol, Ballie informed its owner about checking on their dog, Cooper. The owner requested Ballie feed the dog and show a video, which the robot did effortlessly using its built-in projector. With AI, tasks like pet feeding become easier. Ballie also simplifies household chores by automating tasks like turning on appliances before your arrival and greeting you with a message upon returning home. It can integrate with other smart home devices and offers a ‘Fitness Mate’ feature for exercise assistance.

While pricing and availability details are unavailable, the technology seems promising. Samsung’s Ballie AI robot could potentially become a popular smart home product in the next 1-2 years, offering convenience and assistance in daily tasks. Exciting times are ahead for smart home enthusiasts!

Logeswaran Vishnukanth Asked question March 4, 2024