Primary Target Audience for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

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Primary Target Audience for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter


  • Demographics:- Facebook boasts a vast user base encompassing various demographics. However, it tends to attract slightly older users, gaining popularity among older generations.
  • Interests:- Users engage in a myriad of interests on Facebook, with dedicated groups and pages covering virtually every topic. From connecting with friends and family to staying updated on news and entertainment, Facebook serves as a hub for community engagement.


  • Demographics:- Catering primarily to professionals, job seekers, and business owners, LinkedIn is a platform focused on professional networking and career advancement.
  • Interests:- Content on LinkedIn revolves around job-related topics such as industry news, professional growth, career opportunities, and fostering business connections.


  • Demographics:- Twitter attracts a broad age range but tends to skew slightly younger compared to Facebook. Notable figures such as journalists, celebrities, politicians, and thought leaders are actively engaged on the platform.
  • Interests:- Renowned for its real-time updates and rapid conversations, Twitter serves as a hub for discussing trending topics, sharing opinions, and humour, and staying informed about current events.