October 2023 Spam Update – Google Finishes the Rollout

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October 2023 Spam Update – Google Finishes the Rollout

Google announced an October 2023 spam update on October 04, it has been rollout for weeks and they have confirmed that the rollout was finished on October 20th.

Highlights of the Update

  • Google has released an update to its spam detection system:- This update mainly focuses on cleaning spam results in other native languages Turkish, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Hindi, Chinese, and other languages (It’s based on the feedback provided by the users).
  • Mainly aims to reduce spam search results due to;
    • Cloaking,
    • Hacked Content
    • Auto-generated Content
    • Scraped Content
  • Website owners should always focus on high-quality content with more transparent and honesty to provide an extreme user experience

So it’s a reminder for all to stay updated to the best practices and Google guidelines. Review for thin affiliate pages, hidden text, scraped content, and excessive ads to avoid being hit by spam updates. If site owners see any changes after this spam update, please check Google’s Spam Policies.

Verginiya Patrick Asked question October 21, 2023