Navigating the Hummingbird Update and Beyond with Semrush!

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Navigating the Hummingbird Update and Beyond with Semrush!

Hey there,

Ever heard of the Hummingbird update? It’s basically Google’s way of saying, let’s make search results even better!

So, what’s the deal with Hummingbird? Instead of just scanning words, it started reading minds—figuratively speaking. It focused on understanding what you meant when you searched, not just the words you typed. Fancy, right? This is called semantic search.

Now, forget about keyword stuffing; it’s all about matching your intent. And with this shift, SEO experts had to step up their game.

Here are some tips from Semrush:

  • Smart Keyword Research: Say goodbye to stuffing keywords; it’s all about smart research now. Semrush’s Keyword Overview tool helps you understand your audience and bring in relevant organic traffic.
  • Craft Unique Content: Want to climb the ranks? Your content needs to stand out. Google loves helpful content, so focus on E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) to boost your page quality.
  • Embrace Schema Markup: This nifty tool helps search engines make sense of data, enhancing the search experience and indirectly boosting your organic search performance.

Oh, and always remember to prioritize people when crafting content. That’s what search engines do, after all.

P.S. Which Google update has been your go-to for improving search?


Nigetha Rajah Changed status to publish February 22, 2024