Microsoft Launches New Microsoft Tool to Maximize Monetization

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Microsoft Launches New Microsoft Tool to Maximize Monetization

Microsoft launched a new analytic tool called “Monetize Insights” which helps publishers to monetize their ad revenue. This dashboard is available across Microsoft’s supply-side platform where you can monitor and optimize your advertising revenue.

What Makes Monetize Insights Set Apart?

  • Visual Representation – Graphs and comparison charts to see the comprehensive visual view of the campaign performance
  • Filters available related to revenue drivers and inventory metrics
  • Contextual bid rejection details, such as demand issues, ad quality settings and price floors.

Monetize Insights optimizes the time for publishers and it include two key features “total revenue tracking” and “revealing bid rejection”

Total Revenue Tab

It provides access to key performance indicators (KPIs) such as impressions, ad requests, fill rate, win rate, and revenue and uses comparison charts to check trends and significant changes.

Bid RejectionTab

This tab comprises data of

  • Ad Quality: Through this data, publishers can measure opportunities to adjust ad quality settings.
  • Floors: Minimum bid amount publishers need to set for their inventory
  • Deals: View the most significant bid rejections by deal along with the percentage change on one screen in the Summary tab.
  • Demand Issues: This feature enables publishers to identify issues arising from buyer behaviour, such as native asset mismatch, missing creative ID, or excessive video duration.

So now it’s time to explore If you’re a publisher looking for a comprehensive dashboard that is worth your time then here it is. Start to try this new tool to manage your campaign.

Verginiya Patrick Edited question December 19, 2023