Meet Your Digital Companions: Snapchat+ Unveils AI-Powered Bitmoji Pets

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Meet Your Digital Companions: Snapchat+ Unveils AI-Powered Bitmoji Pets

Snapchat is introducing a playful touch to your Snap Map experience! For Snapchat+ subscribers, there’s a new feature to add Bitmoji pets, both real and imaginary, to the map.

Creating your digital pet is a breeze – customize it as you like, and your furry friend will join you on the Snap Map for some app adventures. While the AI aspect seems limited to the creation process, it’s part of Snapchat’s broader effort to incorporate generative AI capabilities.

Snapchat aims to hop onto the AI trend and generate interest with tools like the Dreams feature for profile images and the My AI chatbot function. The addition of digital pets, akin to a modern-day Tamagotchi, is an interesting move, although some may question its impact on the overall social experience.

While it might seem like a trend in social apps to integrate generative AI without significant user value, Snapchat has a track record of aligning features with user experience. With over 7 million paying subscribers for Snapchat+, continuous updates like this one are likely to keep users engaged, even if it’s not a major long-term consideration.

Who knows? Bitmoji animal clothes might become the next big thing, showcasing Snapchat’s knack for aligning with audience interests!

Logeswaran Vishnukanth Edited question January 23, 2024