Mastering the Art of Minimalism With Typography

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Mastering the Art of Minimalism With Typography

I think typography is the most important principle in the  Design world.

If you’re a designer or a developer, typography is a great way to show off your sense of style. Here I’ve shared my typography experience, it may be good to improve the small things.

As the text gets bigger, the empty space between letters gets bigger as well, but that’s not what we want. reduce the letter spacing for headers by just a bit.

A type scale should save you time while designing, but this goal isn’t achieved when it’s very large. Start with a very simple one, and add more sizes later, if needed.

YOU can’t control every bit of text in the interface, but do your best to eliminate widows.

Every digital product out there has a different purpose. Same with type – it plays a slightly different role, depending on what purpose you want to achieve.

I hope these ideas help you to create beautiful and effective typography in your designs.

Rajthuvan Asked question May 17, 2023