LinkedIn’s New Feature: Find the Best Newsletters to Read

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LinkedIn’s New Feature: Find the Best Newsletters to Read

LinkedIn is introducing a new feature that enables users to view the newsletters that other users have subscribed to on the platform. This feature provides users with a glimpse into the topics and content that others are interested in, as well as the opportunity to discover new newsletters to follow.

This sepcial feature helps users to explore the new content and stay up to date to the industry.

Matt Navarra has shared following snapshot in twitter regarding the newsletter subscription

“We’ve heard from members like vou that newsletters on Linkedin are a great way to gather new insights and ideas on professional topics they care about. We’ve also heard that members are looking for better ways to discover even more
newsletters that would be relevant to them.

To aid in this discovery, we are making newsletter subscriptions visible to others, including on profiles. Starting February 11, 2023, you’ll be able to see which newsletters members find value in, the same way you can see your shared interests, pages, and groups. With this improved visibility, there will be new opportunities for members to get inspired, collaborate, and gain knowledge to advance their careers.

This change will apply to any of your current and future subscriptions, unless you unsubscribe. If you’d rather opt-out of showing other members your newsletter subscriptions, you can review your full list of newsletters by visiting the My Network page at the bottom of this email. Simply unsubscribe from the newsletters you do not want to be made public.”

Newsletter feature will be available from Feb 11 and when someone visits your profile, they’ll able to view all the LinkedIn Newsletter subscription. This new change in LinkedIn, making all newsletter subscriptions public on the platform, is mandatory and cannot be opted out of, even for those who wish to keep their subscriptions confidential. The only way to stop a newsletter subscription from being publicly displayed on LinkedIn is to unsubscribe from it.

LinkedIn’s new feature will help job seekers to get to know the popular industry trends and job opportunities and moreover it helps the businesses and content creators to develop new marketing strategies to their specific audience.

Let’s get ready to explore the new feature on LinkedIn!

Verginiya Patrick Asked question February 1, 2023