Linkedin Daily Hacks 02

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Linkedin Daily Hacks 02

Every person need to know about this Linkedin insights

🟒 Engage with the community

comments on others’posts at least 3X after publishing


Responding to comments is crucial (20%) but….

πŸ”΄ Don’t be the first to comments your post.


>>Don’ respond to comments too fast

πŸ”΄ Linkedin will think you use automated engagements.

Comments thoughtfully

🟒 Comments longer than 12 words have more impact on reach.

🟒 Comments from people  tagged increase growth


πŸ”΄ Any tagged person that does not engage slows down the growth of the post.

🟒Keep hashtags between 3 and 10 to maximize reach

πŸ”΄Don’t edit posts within 10 minutes of publishing

🟒Content formats that perform well

  • Text (20% to 50%)
  • Documents (50% to 80%)
  • Native videos (20% to 70%)

πŸ”΄Content format that perform bad

  • Articles (-150% to 250%)
  • Text + link (-25% to 50%)
  • Youtube (-10% to -40%)
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