Key LinkedIn Metrics to Measure

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Key LinkedIn Metrics to Measure

How do you track your success in LinkedIn? Here are the 3 key metrics you can look into measure your results.

1. Target Follower Growth

Track your new followers that match your customer profile. Because you are sure that your content meets the actual audience and they don’t want to miss the next update from you.

2. Target Engagement

Track the likes and comments comes from your ideal customers. its the actual signal that given by your actual audience who are the ones willing to start a conversation and share about their painpoints.

3. Qualified Inbound Leads

Track the messages and appointments you receive from your ideal customers. It means you have actually showcase your expertise and build the trust within your audience and nurture them to make a decision.


Make sure to ignore following metrics

  • Raw Views
  • Raw Follow Numbers
  • Raw number of likes
  • Raw number of comments
  • Raw number of direct messages
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